Where to buy

Here are your options for where to buy an ex-military truck:

  • ASPV: I have only spoken with them, but they seem pretty good, and the prices aren’t too bad.
  • Witham Specialist Vehicles: Again, I’ve only spoken with them, and they seem ok although the prices are a bit high.
  • L Jackson & Co: I tried to speak with these people and they wouldn’t even give me a price. They were uncooperative and unfriendly, and as far as I have been told, the prices are massively inflated. Apart from that, they are ok. They use a number of different websites to try and dominate the market.
  • Brightwell’s: We nearly bought a truck from one of their auctions. Kim who manages them is friendly and helpful and will even do a video call with you to show you the vehicles if you can’t get there physically. Remember that it is an auction though, and you have to pay £10k deposit to bid, and 32% is added to the final price. Most of the trucks have error codes, but this is just because the batteries are dead and the ECU can’t shut down properly. If you plan to bid on one, do a little research.
  • Marple Road Garage: We bought from here in the end. Tim and Pam are wonderful people and provide an amazing service; highly recommended.
  • Euro Auctions: Their HX60s are kept in Germany, they’re all barely used but quite old, and have been stored inside. Russell Robinson is very helpful and will talk you though what they have if you get in touch.
  • eBay: You might find a bargain here, but many of them have been bought from Brightwell’s with the hope of making a profit.

My advice is that if you’d like to save some money, and are prepared to take a little risk, look at the Brightwell’s auctions. If not, give Marple Road Garage a call.

Also, don’t think that an unused vehicle is necessarily best. If it’s been parked for years without being used, parts could have perished with no lubrication. So just take this into consideration.

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